Carpenters now secure cargo with dunnage bags! | Rothschenk

Load securing for carpenters

Carpenters now secure cargo with dunnage bags! | Rothschenk

Whether shopfitters, construction carpenters, or cabinetmakers, they all face the challenge of getting their craftsmanship to the customer undamaged at some point.

In addition to securing the load during transport, the protection of the furniture, which is produced with a lot of dedication, from scratches and damage is also the highest goal. After all, you want to satisfy the customer with top performance.

The problem

Carpenters in particular are faced with a problem like no other craft: the goods differ each time in shape, dimensions and quantity. How do you secure all this reliably and still within a reasonable time?

Often they are covered with blankets and cloths, carefully secured with lashing straps, and yet vibrations during the journey still cause scuff marks on the furniture, for example.

The resulting complaints from customers are not only annoying, but also cost the company time and money. It therefore makes sense to think about good load securing.

Sprinter load securing by shipping method | Rothschenk

Red Line - Buy jam cushion

The solution

Lately, carpentry shops have increasingly discovered dunnage pads (also called dunnage bags) for themselves. Why? These air cushions can be continuously filled with air and are thus adjustable in width. This means that individually occurring gaps between the piece of furniture and the truck/transporter wall can be reliably filled.

In addition, these are available in many formats and can be reused several times in terms of the environment/costs. A reliable and easy-to-use reusable valve makes handling particularly easy.

Recommendation from practice

Which format is right for your everyday use? The requirements are usually always different, but we can give you a few recommendations for action:

  • Red Line dunnage bags are suitable for gaps up to 40 cm wide
  • Our 3D dunnage bags can be used for gaps of 40-80 cm due to their special design
  • The dimensions refer to the non-inflated state, so take into account that the actual formats are shortened

As a further indication, below you will find the dunnage bags which are the most purchased by carpenters/table freelancers in our online store:

[products columns="5″ orderby="title" order="ASC" ids="10766, 10531, 10530, 10528, 10491, 10524, 10525, 10526″]


For the filling of the stowage cushions you have different options:

  • Filling gun "Easy" with compressed air connection (e.g. for loading in the carpenter/joiner shop via stationary compressed air connection).
  • Filling gun with "Quick-Connect" connection and compressed air connection (also via compressed air hose)
  • el. Air pump for connection to the car adapter (mobile use on the vehicle via cigarette connection/220 volts).
  • Professional filling blower with battery operation for fastest and most comfortable filling (Makita basic unit)

All the variants listed below are suitable for filling the SMART valves that we install in our dunnage bags:

[products columns="5″ orderby="title" order="DESC" ids="10487, 12204, 12238, 10441″]

Any questions?

Good load securing is always a combination of several factors and securing means. For the layman, it is therefore often difficult to put together the right components.

Draw on our nearly 30 years of experience and get tips from our LaSi professionals.

We will be happy to advise you 100% free of charge and without obligation.


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