What load securement equipment is there in the sea container?

A distinction must be made here as to whether the container is a temperature-controlled container (reefer) or a standard sea container.

Reefer containers do not have lashing eyes incorporated on the floor or ceiling, here the following securing means can be used.

  • Screw-in lash point ( This can be placed in any rail of the floor, so lash straps can be used for restraint).
  • Tygart System (This is an oversized adhesive tape. This is stuck 2 pieces per side to the container wall at any height and sealed in front of the goods. This is done by tensioning the side tapes, which in turn are glued together with an adhesive tape. The length of the side tape must not be less than 150 cm.
  • Dunnage bags in all variations
  • S.A.M. System

The following systems can be used for standard containers.

It is important to note how stable the goods to be shipped are.

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