What can a truck bed actually withstand in terms of weight?

The technical regulation of a truck body can be found in the standard: Load securing on road vehicles - "Bodies on commercial vehicles - Minimum requirements; German version EN12642:2016". In order to evaluate the load capacity of the floor, one must also consult DIN EN 283 "Swap bodies - testing".

In addition, the manufacturer's markings, which are usually located on the rear portal or the inside of the door, also contain relevant information. In the "DGUV 70 vehicles" says in § 37 "Loading and unloading" paragraph: (2) When loading and unloading vehicles must be ensured that they can not roll away, tilt or overturn. Thus, it must also be taken into account whether the tractor is still coupled, or parking supports are extended and perhaps even an additional safety trestle must be positioned under the king pins.

You can find out how to proceed in detail in the technical article: "Episode 22: Soil Loads on the Truck".
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