A door safety device on the container - Really necessary?

During loading, it is not yet a problem: the goods, e.g. loose cardboard packaging stacked in a sea freight container, are still in place. But during transport by truck, rail and container ship, the cargo slips and endangers the personnel when the container is opened in the destination country. Why? The cargo presses unnoticed against the container doors before they are opened, and when the bar lock is actuated, they spring open in an uncontrolled manner.
To avoid this danger, before opening a Belt lock must be attached. The unloader places these around the two horizontal bars of the two container door latches that are closest together. Even if there is still pressure on the doors, they will then spring open by no more than a small gap. The personnel are protected.

TIP: To prevent the stress on the doors, our [R] Full Saftey developed. The fall-out protection is available as a tarpaulin and even as a dunnage system.

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