What is a Code XL body and what should be considered when loading?

The European standard EN-12642 "Load securing on road vehicles - Bodies on commercial vehicles - Minimum requirements" defines the forces that bodies must be able to absorb.

However the technical construction was made must:
  • the full width and up to ¾ of the height of the end wall withstand a force corresponding to 50% of the technical payload.
  • the lateral structure must hold 40%
  • the rear portal 30%

It also specifies the elastic deformation. The structure may bend by a maximum of 300 mm, of which a maximum of 20 mm may remain permanent, provided that the function is not restricted.

Manufacturers provide specific body-related data on each vehicle. As these are not uniform in design, particular attention should be paid here before loading.

We have brought you in our LaSi blog: "Episode 32: Load securing with Code XL bodies". has put together some case studies that you can use as a guide.
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