What is a stowage bag/stowage pad for load securing?

The set of rules for securing cargo in containers is the CTU-Code 2015. In Appendix 7, Annex 4, an entire chapter is devoted to the securing method using dunnage pads/stowage bags.
Stowage bags for load securing are used to fill gaps between the load and thus create a tight fit. They are filled with a compressed air gun or a mobile battery blower and can thus be used variably in width and internal pressure.
A distinction is also made between a simple design, which is used for gaps of up to 400 mm. So-called 3D dunnage bags are used for larger gaps, as their cubic design means that they lie more flat against the goods.
Padding consists of an inner cover made of PE film and an outer cover made of PP fabric or paper. The latter is not recyclable together with the inlay and is more sensitive to moisture.
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