What is a reefer container?

Reefer containers are refrigerated containers for the transport of goods that are to be transported at a defined temperature. The refrigeration unit is now installed directly in the container instead of via the means of transport, so that a self-sufficient system is available.

The interior of the container is equipped with smooth aluminum walls. The floor is equipped with longitudinal aluminum grating, rails for air circulation and the possibility of additional reefer points (fastening hooks).

When loading, ensure that there is sufficient air circulation. For this purpose, markings are attached to the walls which define the maximum stowage height. When using load securing equipment such as e.g. dunnage bags care must be taken to ensure that the internal pressure changes with temperature fluctuations. There are also special load securing devices such as the S.A.M. restraint systemthat was specially developed for temperature-controlled transports.

An application video and more detailed explanations are available in our free technical article: "Episode 31: Reefer Reefer Container - Structure and Loading".
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