From dunnage bag to biogas-backpack - Africa steps on the gas!

Biogas in Africa Focus online and Rothschenk provide information

From dunnage bag to biogas-backpack - Africa steps on the gas!

Raw materials are in short supply in Africa. This also applies to and in particular for fuels. A former G&H employee GmbH Rothschenk has taken on this problem and created a simple how clever idea developed to counter this problem put.

G&H GmbH Rothschenk actually produces dunnage bags for Load Securement. These are made of a plastic inlay and a made of robust fabric cover and are ventilated with air fillable.

Actually, it wasn't far to a transportable system for the transport of biogas through the African bush. Through the predominantly agricultural use are the biogas producing Animals available in practically every household. The collection of the Accruing gas and the use for your own gas stove are then just a step that has been consistently thought through.

The system with a converted dunnage bag is also suitable for transport and sale to other households.

Find out more in a video at Focus-Online!

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