Restrict stores and stores to 800 square meters - that's how it works!

Restrict stores and stores to 800 square meters - that's how it works!

Covid-19 Barrier application video

In our application video we show you how you can quickly and easily implement the Covid-19 specifications of the Federal Republic of Germany and realize a sales area limitation of 800 sqm.

  • As separation with PP fabric
  • As limitation with PE foil


  • Mounting with holding magnet
  • Suspension with loop of webbing
  • Suspension with hook, elastic band and clips
  • Fixation with metal eyelets

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Aub. 30.04.2020

The problem:

Following a reprimand from the Administrative Court, the Bavarian state has relaxed the bans on retail trade: since 28.04.2020, even large stores are now allowed to open their salesrooms if they limit them to a sales area of 800 square meters. The changes were also immediately confirmed by the Bavarian cabinet on the same day.

“Ab jetzt kann jeder, der eine Fläche von maximal 800 Quadratmetern nutzen will, das auch tun”, erläuterte Ministerpräsident Markus Söder bei einer Pressekonferenz in München. “De facto ist damit der Handel zu 100 Prozent geöffnet – mit einer Begrenzung, die sinnvoll ist.” Wichtig sei weiterhin, das nur ein Kunde pro 20 Quadratmeter in ein Geschäft darf.

The problem: How do stores cost-effectively limit their sales area to 800 square meters? With barrier walls, wooden constructions or Plexiglas stands? In the case of large rooms, this would quickly result in considerable expense...


>> The solution:

As a manufacturer of dunnage bags, we use both light and robust materials for the production of our dunnage pads. We have thought about how we can help retailers, store owners and also large retail chains to reopen their sales. Our (R) tarpaulin fabric is ideal for this purpose, because it is very light and opaque. Alternatively, we can also manufacture the barrier in a transparent PE foil, which is lighter and (despite the barrier) also allows a view into the rest of the sales room.

Since Rothschenk processes the material in rolls, we have almost unlimited possibilities in the length, height and design of a quick to install partition. By attaching eyelets, webbing loops or sewing on additional webs, there are almost no limits. In addition, as a manufacturer in Germany we can react immediately to customer requests and orders.

Special highlight: Our particularly strong holding magnets, with a holding force of approx. 41 kg, are ideal for fixing the separation to existing steel beams and for easy removal later. Proven a thousand times over - trust us.


  • Particularly affordable solution
  • Easy installation thanks to eyelets/strap and holding magnet
  • Maximum opaque
  • Any size / format / length feasible
  • Made in Germany
  • Can be removed without residue
  • Individually manufactured according to your specifications

Technical Data:

  • Fabric material: PP fabric (known as BigBag fabric), white
  • Alternative: PE film, transparent, even lighter
  • Mounting material:
    • Metal eyelet
    • Loops of webbing (25-50 mm width possible)
    • Magnet with extreme 41 kg holding power
    • Elastic band with hooks and clips for attaching to the tarpaulin

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