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(R) Lashing Container

Packaged container lashings with claw hooks for rapid installation in the container eyelets. Lashings are utilized for rearward securing of drums, BigBags, IBCs or wodden boxes in oversee containers. If required, these lashings are used as a restraint system, like using container doors, sewed on idividually for your demands. Just call us, we are pleased to consult you. Rothschenk Sales Team +49 (0)9335-9715-77

Lashing with 2 sewed on
claw hooks with security
Cross Belt: depending on the version

Rothschenk container lashings are enormously versatile. Hooks, belts, eyelets are available for a operator-friendly for nearly any upgrade and conversion. If requested, we imprint your company's logo or the company's or products name on the lashings.

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(R) Lashing Tec

Especially developed for the rearward security of soft packaging in oversee containers! Soft packages can be deformed while being transported from A to B. Possible causes: cross belts of conventional restraint systems
sag or slip. With (R) Lashing Tec and its special integrated rubber, the cross belts of the lashings are held in the right position. Doesn't matter if the loading is deformed or slip out of the lashings or back again. (R) Lashing Tec is certificated and guarantees highest security when transporting softpackages in
overseas container!

band material: polyester
• vertical bandwidth: 38mm / 50 mm
horizontal bandwidth: 38mm / 50mm
vertical attachment: claw hooks with security
horizontal attachment: lashing strapt (see lashing supplies)
amount of cross belts: 2-/3-/4-parted
vertical standard length: 2,600mm
horizontal standard lenght: 3,100mm

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(R) Lashing WEB

Woven polyester lashings in various tear strenghts available by meter. Usable for reliable one-way lashing like in containers, railways or flat racks. You can cut our lashings on the demanded length. Certificated by TÜV Rheinland Akademie and guarantee the security of your transport.

Woven polyester one-way lashing available in meter

2,300 daN / 32 mm width / 250 meter
3,000 daN / 35 mm width/ 250 meter
3,500 daN / 38 mm width / 200 meter
5,000 daN / 40 mm width / 200 meter
3,000 daN / 50 mm width / 250 meter
6,000 daN / 50 mm width / 150 meter

Other executions on demand.

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(R) Lashing Full Safety

Vollflächiges Lashing Rückhaltesystem für den Einsatz im Container, um empfindliche und kleine Packstücke sicher von der Tür zurückzuhalten. Es ist als Rückhaltesystem mit eingearbeiteter Plane oder eingearbeitetem Luftpolster und unterschiedlichen Gurtstärken erhältlich.

Standard formats with integrated dunnage bags:

Lashing 32 mm
Measurements Dunnage Bag: 1,500 x 2,400 mm

Lashing 50 mm
Measurements Dunnage Bag: 2,000 x 2,300 mm

Standard formats with integrated plane:

Lashing 32 mm
• Size Plane: 2,000 x 2,200 mm

Lashing: 35 mm
• Size Plane: 2,100 x 2,200 mm

Further measurements and versions on demand. Just contact is. We are pleased to consult you. Rothschenk Sales Team +49 (0)9335-9715-77

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Lashing FullSafety Plane
Spanplatten werden mit einem Haspelspanner und Gurtbändern gesichert.

(R) Lashing TOOLS

Everything you need for the direct utilization of our lashing systems. Buckles, claw hooks with lashing security, ratchet strap, reel tighteners with band-cutting fonction, scissor, magnets, positioners.

fasteners and tensioners

3030 Gurtschnalle

3516: buckles

4040 Gurtschnalle

5020 Gurtschnalle

5050 Gurtschnalle

claw hooks with band security 35 mm
claw hooks with band security 50 mm
Ratchet tensioner
tensioner with band-cutting fonction
Combination Shear

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Tools - Container

Rothschenk has a huge range of container supplies. For instance lashing points for reefer container (refrigerated container), lashing point extensions, driers as chains or in bags and much more. Whether you need single components of your load securement or supplies like hooks or buckles - Rothschenk provides you with a immense range of components in best professional quality.

Lashing - Tools Magnets

You will love this Rothschenk innovation - our magnetic holders! They are ideal for quickly fixing the cross straps to the container wall when attaching lashings. And with the loop strap, they can be easily removed again. Application of magnets for lashings: Everyday life is stressful enough. You shouldn't let your life [...]

Lashing - Tool locator

The "Tool" at the ramp. We have developed high quality locators for different situations which make the everyday life easier, they are available for example for the edge protection, dunnage bags and lashings. Application for the locators: Hooks in a container are sometimes hard to reach not only in "high cube" containers. Even if the goods have already been loaded and a positioning of dunnage bags is necessary.......

Lashing - Tools Reel Tensioner

Der Haspelspanner ist ein Lashband Spanngerät. Dieses macht sich die Hebelwirkung zu nutze wenn es darum geht, Gurtbänder mit der nötigen Kraft zu spannen. Dabei wird das Gurtband einfach eingelegt und mit einem Hebel um eine Welle gewickelt und gespannt. Anwendung von Haspelspannern: Zum Spannen von Gurtbändern bei einem Lashing ist die reine Handkraft nicht [...]

Lashing - Tool Hooks

Every load securing device has a hook - but it should be the right one for your lashing. That's why we have a considerable selection of shapes and widths to suit your loading situation. Use of hooks: Load securing has a hook. At least, if you don't use a dunnage. We use only high-strength steel hooks for our restraint systems. This is necessary because [...]

Lashing - Tool Buckles

Lashing systems and webbing in general are closed using belt buckles. These must be adjusted to the correct belt width, otherwise you slip or can not absorb the forces. Therefore, we offer a wide selection. Application of belt buckles: Rothschenk belt buckles are always used when webbing is to be joined together. Both loose bagged goods and [...]

Lashing – Pro Lash

Only the best materials and solutions thought out down to the last detail. This is exactly what characterizes our Pro Lash lashing restraint systems. Modular design, incorporated rubber elements - the list of innovations is long. Application of Pro-Lash Lashing: Rothschenk Pro Lash restraint systems are always used when the highest demands are made on load securing with lashing systems. Our prefabricated restraint systems [...]

Lashing – Red Lash

Millionfold proven container lashing systems with attractive price-performance ratio characterize our Red Lash series. Easy handling, favorable price and still no compromises in safety. These points were at the top of the specification list during development. Application of Red Lash Lashing: The goal of our Red Lash Container Lashing Systems is to provide our customers with proven restraint systems [...]

Lashing – White Lash

(R) White Lash is a lashing strap for load securement and is always used when light goods are to be shipped or secured at low cost. E.g. by the combination of bagged goods and edge protection angles with special cut-outs you do not have to do without security. Application of White Lash Lashing: Rothschenk White Lash is the entry into the world [...]

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