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We have been represented at numerous specific fairs and in-house exhibitions of the industry of our customers. We are pleased to support you at one of your own events. Just make a non-binding inquiry ...

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    Bianca Heidschmidt

    Bianca HeidschmidtCustomer advisor

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    Michael FehrenbachCustomer advisor

    That's why you, as a buyer, should visit a Rothschenk booth:

    Product variety: At a trade fair for load securing, you have the opportunity to experience a wide range of Rothschenk products and solutions live. You can get a comprehensive overview of the various load securing equipment and compare different options. This will ensure that you select the best products for your specific requirements.

    Innovations and trends: Trade shows often offer insight into the latest innovations and trends in load securing. You can discover new technologies, materials or concepts that can help you improve your load securing or make it more efficient. By visiting the Rothschenk trade fair stand, you have access to all of Rothschenk's new products, often before the initial market launch.

    Networking: Trade shows provide an excellent opportunity to make contacts and expand your network in the load securement industry. You can meet our expert consultants in person and make initial contact and build valuable relationships.

    Expertise and training: Trade shows often also offer expert presentations, workshops or training sessions on various load securing topics. You can learn from experts and take away valuable expertise and best practices. These trainings can help you expand your knowledge and improve your load securing skills. There is always something to discover here at Rothschenk's booth!

    Product presentations and demos: At Rothschenk you can "grasp" load securing because you have the opportunity to see products and solutions in action. You can attend live demonstrations or product presentations to get a better understanding of how the different products work and their benefits. This allows you to make informed decisions and select the right products for your needs.

    Overall, attending a load securement trade show gives buyers the opportunity to see a wide range of products and solutions, learn about innovations and trends, network, gain expertise and see products in action. This can help you make the best decisions for your load securing needs and expand your network in the industry.

    Dear Customers. Our shop is a shop for companies and commercial customers (B2B-shop). Unfortunately, orders by private individuals cannot be taken.