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Lashing - battery operated lashing tool

The innovation of the year! With a weight of just 2.8 kg, this clamping device is approx. 30% lighter than all other devices on the market. In addition, it was designed to be operated with one hand and to be as compact as possible. With the torque preselection, you can also precisely set the desired pretensioning forces of your lashing restraint system [...]

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Special Solutions - Locking Pads

Sealing a hole on the construction area? That takes just a second with our (R) Pro Line Locking Pads. Each shape and measurement is possible. Robust, sealed and, thanks to the multi-way outlet, reusable any time.

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Special Solutions - Steel Coil Securement

Rolled steel coils in particular tend to stretch from their original round shape into an oval due to their high dead weight - This is why we have developed the (R) Pro Line steel coil securing for your load securing! Because it prevents exactly this effect in the core of the coil. Applications for steel coil restraints: In the production of a steel coil, the metal [...]

Dunnage Bag - Filling Equipment Spare Parts

(R) Replacement fulfills two promises to our customers: the constant supply of replacements over years and the supply of always new, innovative tools for your daily loading business. The supply of replacements guarantees: The daily, professional use on the loading ramp often demands a lot from the products. Even high-quality tools can ...

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Dunnage Bag – Bag White Line

(R) White Line dunnage bags fulfill the requirements of numerous loading station. We are pleased to consult you about the capability of your loading station.Application of White Line dunnage bags: Rothschenk White Line are applied in the shipping with trucks for example. The Rothschenk White Line dunnage bags are developed for the client with focus on cost saving. This is shown by the weight-optimized material thicknesses and a constructively changed build-up of the load securement material.

Stretchfolienabroller | Rothschenk

Stretch Foil Dispenser

Stretch Foil Dispensers make everyday life a lot easier. The roll is simply attached and guided around the goods with the handle at a comfortable working height. This makes stretching easy.

Special Solutions - Agricultural sector

We are a innovative problem solver for any industry. We also secure agricultural transports that need to be covered widespreadly or handrails constructed flexibly. Application for the Agriculture: There are numerous application areas in the agricultural industry where Rothschenk has already developed special solutions. Clever applications would be a handrail for silos, which consists of a lashing and is tightened with a ratchet, providing a flexible fall protection that can be montaged on the posts of the silo's wall.

Paper Honeycomb Core Board

[R] corner edge protection paper honeycomb panels are used as composite layer, stacking aid or protection between the goods and ship's side. Made of a cardboard honeycomb construction, they are both light and robust. Application of honeycomb panels Our [R] paper honeycomb panels are a stable and resilient intermediate layer for load securement. Light honeycomb cardboards stable and separate heavy products when loading [...]

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