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Drum securing - reusable with clamp lock strap

We also secure round designs reliably and in compliance with standards. The (R) drum securing system is designed as a reusable system to enable sustainable use. In addition to robustness, the focus during development was also on quick applicability. Just try it out. Application of drum securing reusable system: Liquids behave completely differently during transportation than...


When filling fats, oils and adhesives into drums, the same problem always arises at the destination: complete emptying is not possible and the drums are no longer suitable for a second use. This makes no sense either financially or in terms of sustainability. Therefore, the use of a round bottom bag...

Stowage cushion - Dually Bag

(R) Dually Bag dunnage bags are the ideal solution for large dunnage gaps. Due to their special design, they offer a large contact surface with the goods and thus ensure maximum form-fit. Application of Dually Bag dunnage pads: Dually Bag dunnage bags are used in existing dunnage gaps to provide a positive and force fit between goods and also to the container wall....

Truck Lash

To a large extent, trucks with a single-layer loading are on the roads. This is very often due to the load distribution that has to be taken into account. The goods cannot be attached to the end wall of the body in double layers with a tight fit, but would have to be in the middle of the body. However, there is no end wall in the middle of the trailer....

Lashing - battery operated lashing tool

The innovation of the year! With a weight of just 2.8 kg, this clamping device is approx. 30% lighter than all other devices on the market. In addition, it was designed to be operated with one hand and to be as compact as possible. With the torque preselection, you can also precisely set the desired pretensioning forces of your lashing restraint system [...]

Special Solutions - Locking Pads

Sealing a hole on the construction area? That takes just a second with our (R) Pro Line Locking Pads. Each shape and measurement is possible. Robust, sealed and, thanks to the multi-way outlet, reusable any time.

A special air cushion from G&H GmbH Rothschenk secures a steel coil from deformation during transport. | Securing metal products | Rothschenk individual solutions

Special Solutions - Steel Coil Securement

Rolled steel coils in particular tend to stretch from their original round shape into an oval due to their high dead weight - This is why we have developed the (R) Pro Line steel coil securing for your load securing! Because it prevents exactly this effect in the core of the coil. Applications for steel coil restraints: In the production of a steel coil, the metal [...]

Dunnage Bag - Filling Equipment Spare Parts

(R) Replacement fulfills two promises to our customers: the constant supply of replacements over years and the supply of always new, innovative tools for your daily loading business. The supply of replacements guarantees: The daily, professional use on the loading ramp often demands a lot from the products. Even high-quality tools can ...

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