Battery powered tensioner [R] LT 38e

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Battery powered tensioner MILWAUKEE

  • high quality battery drive unit
  • Market innovation: Only 2.8 kg
  • incl. quick charger
  • absolute professional quality

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Market novelty and absolutely easy to use! 

Our battery-powered tensioner is the automated version of a conventional reel tensioner. The battery-powered tensioner is used as a lashing strap tensioner and is used to tension the straps of a Lashings to tighten after threading the belt buckles.

The advantages? Due to the mobile battery operation, you facilitate the tedious manual clamping and thus the work on the ramp enormously. Known devices on the market are extremely heavy due to their weight of 4-5 kg. Our battery-powered tensioner convinces with an unbeatable weight of only 2,8 kg, a real market first. 

Furthermore, you can preselect the desired torque and thus the preload forces. This allows you to reproduce recurring loading patterns with the pretensioning forces as desired.

The principle of operation is the same as that of a conventional manual reel tensioner. The webbing is looped in and then wound around the shaft by the rotary movement of the shaft. The relief provided by an accumulator system lies in the automated rotary movement of the shaft, because with commercially available reel tensioners this has to be done conventionally and power-intensively by hand.

Our battery-powered clamping device is equipped with a flexible battery changing system. This allows you to work cordlessly as usual. Thanks to the two batteries supplied and the short charging times, you always have enough power in alternation for everyday life at the loading ramp. By the way: Lithium-ion batteries have no self-discharge effect!

Our professional tip: We also offer stackable storage boxes to store the tensioner safely and dust-free.

Our battery-powered tensioning device is exclusively suitable for the [R] Rothschenk lashing systems White/Red and Pro Lash as well as [R] Lash 32, 35 and 38. No liability will be assumed in case of non-observance.


Battery powered tensioner MILWAUKEE

  • high-quality battery power unit by Milwaukee
  • effortless working, even over a longer period of time
  • solid tensioning device in full metal version
  • Quick Charger
  • absolute professional quality
  • Model type LT38e
  • Pre-tensioning force: STF 500 daN
  • Total weight 2.8 kg
  • Torque steps: 20
  • Battery type: Lithium-ion
  • 2 batteries - 12V - 2.000 mAh
  • Exclusively for [R] Rothschenk Lashing System of the series: White/Red and Pro Lash as well as [R] Lash 32, 35 and 38

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Weight 2,8 kg


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