Fastfill gun - compressed air connection - SMART-Valves


Fast fill gun - compressed air connection - SMART adapter

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The (R) fastfill gun combines rapid filling of dunnage bags and maximum robustness for everyday use at the loading ramp in one. Thanks to the high-quality aluminum construction, the gun has a long service life, even with daily use. The connection is made to commercially available compressed air systems with a 1/4 ″ connection. A special feature is the way it works according to the venturi principle. Ambient air is additionally drawn in by the air flowing through at a rear opening of the gun. This significantly increases the delivery rate of the filling gun.

The supplied Quick-Connect adapter is a perfect fit for the Rothschenk SMART valves (e.g. for Red Line stowage pads). The snap closure makes it easy to fill the storage bags with one hand.

Venturi principle:

  • Faster filling
    • Up to 2/3 ambient air is additionally sucked in (see drawing)
  • High safety aspect - no overfilling possible
    • Gun blows to the rear if there is a risk of overfilling of the dunnage bag
  • Saves compressed air and therefore money
    • Maintaining compressed air systems is a major cost factor

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  1. 4 out of 5

    Florian H. -

    Very quick filling. Even with the large upholstery.
    We had a container with some 3-D air bags and a lot of 1.2x09m.

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