Filling adapter - SMART - Quick-Connect - Level 1 - Aluminum


Quick Connect: The clever solution for the fastest filling of dunnage pads.

Rothschenk has been working on his dunnage bags four different valve types, three filling devices, three different filling guns and a total of over 80 articles for filling technology in the wide range. Accordingly, we have a huge selection for all applications, e.g. filling adapters for battery blowers or filling guns.

  • Each tool is professional quality
  • Innovative designs
  • Large selection of filling adapters for battery-powered blowers or filling guns
  • A perfect fit for the Rothschenk valve systems
  • Often developed together with customers

Our valve adapters are suitable for our PAM - as well as our Milwaukee battery blower.

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What makes our adapters stand out? Innovations such as quick-release fasteners, 90° angle adapters, innovative holders for quick placement in the container during the loading process - the list is long. It's often the little things that make work more efficient and more pleasant.

Each of our filling adapters is specialized on one of Rotschenk's valves and was developed for a both simple and efficient application.


  • Quick Connect aluminum with
    Snap lock for SMART valve
  • Solid aluminum
  • Professional quality
  • compatible with our PAM - and Milwaukee battery tool


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