Buckles OWB 4040 DF

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Belt buckles are essential for attaching a lashing restraint system. Due to their construction, they are easy to attach using a special loop technique. High-strength steel guarantees the performance of the lashing system and reliably protects your goods from damage in transit.

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Gurtschnalle OWB 4040 DF

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Gurtschnalle OWB 4040 DF × 80

80 pcs. per package
delivery time 3-4 working days

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The belt buckle 4040 DF is used when inserting a lashing system or disposable belt straps. To fasten the straps in front of the goods and to use a reliable retention system, belt buckles are essential. With a special loop technique (TIP: video instructions for looping) the belt is threaded into the buckle and then e.g. tightened with a reel tensioner or a ratchet tensioner. The belt buckle can hold up to 40 mm wide straps made of solid flat steel.


  • Load capacity: 4,000 daN
  • Material: steel, drop forged
  • Application: For straps up to 40 mm wide
  • PU: 250 pieces per box
  • Weight: 0.27kg


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