Edge Protection K - 135 x 135 x 175 mm

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To protect paper rolls from damage, special requirements must be met through the edge protection. The edge is relieved by a pronounced hollow space. In addition, the special construction redirects the load forces from the lashing strap away from the edge to the surface. The particularly robust claim of this edge protection bracket underlines a maximum belt width of up to 75 mm and the high-strength plastic made of polypropylene.

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Kantenschutz K – 135 x 135 x 175 mm

delivery time 3-4 working days

Kantenschutz K – 135 x 135 x 175 mm × 70

package with 70 pcs.
delivery time 3-4 working days

Kantenschutz K – 135 x 135 x 175 mm × 576

576 pcs. / pallet
delivery time 3-4 working days

Suitable Accessories

The edge protection K with the leg lengths 135 x 175 mm is particularly suitable for paper rolls. The particularly robust design reliably transfers the forces generated when the lashing straps are tensioned to the surface. For this it has raised side parts to shift the pressure points. In combination with a hollow space as a recess for the fabric edge and a lateral belt guide, maximum protection is provided for sensitive paper edges. In addition, the edge protection has an exceptionally large mounting surface for straps up to 75 mm wide.


  • Material: Polypropylen
  • Weight: 360 g
  • Max.belt width: up to 75 mm
  • Item: 17953B
  • Length: 135 mm
  • Side Length: 135 x 175 mm
  • PU: 70 pieces per package
  • PU per pallet: 576 pieces per pallet


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