Edge Protection K - 150 x 150 x 9 mm 1,800 mm cardboard "Mushroom"


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Edge protector K - 150 x 150 x 9 mm 1.800 mm cardboard "Mushroom".

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The [R] edge protection "Mushroom" was developed to protect the edges of goods from damage and also to ensure a hold-up function for the cross belts. The latter was achieved using special mushroom-shaped cutouts (mushroom). When attaching the cross straps of a lashing, the cross straps are guided through these innovative millings. Due to the open design, this can also be done after attaching the cardboard edge protectors.

During transport, even when the lashing system is relieved, it is ensured that the tapes cannot slip or sag. With the [R] edge protection "Mushroom" you have maximum loading security over the entire transport route. In conjunction with our other White Lash products, you can tailor your load securement to your individual needs.

TIP: Use our inexpensive White Lash Set together with this edge protection and save money.


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