Edge protector K - 150 x 190 x 110 mm

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Our universal edge protector made of high-strength polypropylene is suitable for many standard load securing loads. With a maximum strap width of 50 mm, goods of all kinds can be reliably fixed without damaging their edges. Due to the robust design, the edge protectors have a long service life and, with dimensions of 190 x 110 mm, are ideally suited for everyday loading.

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Kantenschutzwinkel 150x190x110 mm

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Kantenschutzwinkel 150x190x110 mm × 72

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Kantenschutzwinkel 150x190x110 mm × 1008

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The edge protection angle K with the side lengths 190 x 110 mm can be used universally. Despite its lightweight construction, its design ensures that the forces occurring when tensioning the lashing straps are evenly distributed over the surface. The pressure points are diverted away from the edge by the design with longitudinal webs. A hollow space at the bending point of the angle saves the edge of the goods to be secured and thus additionally protects sensitive edges from damage. The particularly large mounting surface allows the use of wide webbing straps of up to 50 mm.


  • Material: Polypropylen
  • Weight: 250 g
  • Max. band width up to 50 mm
  • Item number: 25569B
  • Length: 150 mm
  • Side lengths: 190 x 110 mm
  • PU: 72 pieces per package
  • PU per pallet: 1,008 pieces per pallet


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