Edge Protection K - 190 x 190 x 19 mm 800 mm orange


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Edge protector K - 190 x 190 x 19 mm
190 x 190 x 19 mm x 800 mm orange

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The [R] edge protection angle orange is ideal for building materials and heavy goods of all kinds. Its extremely robust design transfers the pretensioning forces evenly to the surface. Thus, the goods are optimally protected from damage during transport. In addition, the Edge Protection The Lashing Straps. The areas of application are predominantly with soft packaging and small packaging units, such as building materials, big bags, octabins or bagged goods.

Tip: On request, we can customize the edge protectors with your company's stickers, special cut-outs or anti-slip coatings (e.g., with a special coating). Anti-slip Mats). If you have any questions, just feel free to ask us.

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