[R] lashing strap retractor with holding magnets


You can continue to laboriously roll up lashing straps by hand or save time and labor by using our (R) lashing strap rewinder.

The lashing strap rewinder is hooked onto a bracket on the truck or - brand new - attached super flexibly with a magnet. After that, only the loose lashing strap must be threaded and wound up with the practical crank. Then remove and store neatly wound up.

In addition to significantly easier handling during rewinding, the greatest advantage of a lashing strap rewinder, in contrast to the conventional, manual variant, is the considerable time saved.

During an unloading process, the driver may save a few minutes. Projected over a week or a whole year, that adds up to quite a bit.

  • easy handling on the truck
  • great time saving
  • easy handling
  • high-quality metal version
  • clean working
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Suitable Accessories


  • Lashing strap - retractor
  • steel, zinc coated
  • With 2 holding magnets for easy mounting
  • for band widths up to 50 mm
    and lengths up to 10 meters

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