Polyester strapping 16 mm


With our (R) polyester - strapping band / composite strap 16 mm you connect cardboard boxes and other packaging quickly and easily to a load unit. With the high-quality polyester strapping you can be sure that your goods always arrive safely at their destination. In addition, you can also use it to bind general cargo or, for example, to bundle firewood. The kraft strap can be quickly and easily tensioned with a reel tensioner, cut and closed with a wire closure clamp.

  • 750 meters / roll
  • rapid forming of load units
  • high solidity
  • inexpensive packaging
  • bundeling small units to big packages

We also carry the matching wire closure clamps (16mm) and reel tensioners in our online store.

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  • Polyester - strapping/composite strap 16 mm
  • Linear Tigthness: 550 DaN
  • System strength: 750 daN
  • Core Ø: 200 mm
  • 750 meters / roll

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