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Fastfill gun - compressed air connection - TURBO adapter

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With the (R) Fastfill Gun With the (R) fastfilling gun Turbo you can fill dunnage bags in record time. The attachment is designed for the currently fastest filling valve on the market, our TURBO valve. Due to the extremely robust aluminum construction, you get a product that is as durable as possible. The filling air is guaranteed via a commercially available compressed air connection with a 1/4 ″ connection. The mode of operation according to the Venturi principle is particularly remarkable. Additional air is sucked in by the air flowing through at a rear opening. This improves the delivery rate of the filling gun by approx. 60%.

The supplied TURBO adapter is a perfect fit for the Rothschenk TURBO valves (e.g. for Pro Line dunnage bag).

Venturi principle:

  • Faster filling
    • Up to 2/3 ambient air is additionally sucked in (see drawing)
  • High safety aspect - no overfilling possible
    • Gun blows to the rear if there is a risk of overfilling of the dunnage bag
  • Saves compressed air and therefore money
    • Maintaining compressed air systems is a major cost factor

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