Lashing Strap Set of 2 / 1-part / STF 480

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The Lashing is universally applicable, but is also the ideal extension for our drum lashing (item no. 20569). Instead of a disposable composite strap, simply use our lashing strap with high-quality pressure ratchet. This turns the drum lashing into a sustainable reusable system and also saves you money. With a stable strap width of 35 mm, you can form a reliable, certified loading unit from a drum and Euro pallet in no time at all.

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Zurrgurt 2-er Set / 1-teilig / STF 480 × 2

Set of 2
delivery time 3-4 working days

Zurrgurt 2-er Set / 1-teilig / STF 480 × 50

package with 50 pcs.
delivery time 3-4 working days

Suitable Accessories

The [R] Lashing Strap STF 400 is available individually or in a package and can be used universally. However, it complements our Barrel Securement, if this is to be used as a returnable system. Here you can use a Application Video of which can be seen. In contrast to the use of disposable composite tapes, the Lashing Straps can be reused as often as required. A real argument for company traffic and of course our environment.

The robust professional quality makes it an all-rounder for many areas of Load Securement in the truck and private trailer sector.


  • European standard: EN 12195-2
  • Prestressing force: STF 480 daN
  • Load capacity in straight pull: 1,000 daN
  • Tragfähigkeit bei geradem Zug: 1.000 daN
  • Strap material: polyester
  • Length 2.5 m
  • Bandwidth: 35 mm
  • Color: orange
  • Band stretch: <5%
  • Hook: claw hook, and many others on request ... Please contact us! Made in Germany


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