Akkugebläse Milwaukee Turbo


Akkugebläse – Set – Milwaukee TURBO

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Quick. More quickly. TURBO. With our filling set for storage pads and storage bags with Rothschenk TURBO valve, there is hardly a faster alternative. Reliability, high filling speed and good ergonomics were at the top of the specification during development. In order to inflate the dunnage bags to the required internal pressures, you can now do without expensive, stationary compressed air systems.

Mit einem mobilen Akku Gebläse liegen Ihnen keine Leitungen mehr im Weg. Stolperfallen werden so im Sinne der Arbeitssicherheit vermieden. Der leistungsstarke Motor in Verbindung mit einem kraftvollen Akku macht das Aufblasen der Stausäcke zum Kinderspiel.

With help of the two supplied batteries and due to the short-term load time, you can exchange them for sufficient power on the loading ramp every day. Our professional advice for you: we also offer stackable storage boxes to store the mobile filling tool safe and dust-free. If you have any questions, just feel free to ask us.

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