SET Lashing 2.600 / 2x Quer 3.100 – 38 mm


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Lashing 2.600 / 2x Quer 3.100 – 38 mm

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Beim Versand von Ware im Container müssen teilweise sehr hohe Gewichte gesichert werden. Mit unserem vorkonfektionierten (deutliche Zeitersparnis) [R] Red Lash Rückhaltesysteme-SET (2x Lashing, 2x Gurtschnalle OWB 4040 DF) bekommen Sie mit excellenter Qualität, auch bestmögliche Sicherheit und Schutz vor Transportschäden. Durch das komplett fertig zusammengestellte Lashing (TIPP: (R) Magnet round with loop) you save precious time on the loading ramp. Hereby, the belt straps turn out to be especially confortable and sophisticated because of their height adjustability and therewith optimum adaptability on any load (wodden boxes, BigBags, IBCs or barells). With the help of buckles and a Reel Tightener- or Ratchet tensioner you can fix the belt straps properly and rely on certified load securement.

Our in-house test department has already proven its resilience in dynamic driving tests. External institutions such as TÜV Rheinland Akademie have also rigorously checked and certified the restraint system. It is CTU code compliant for many shipments, but we are also happy to issue individual certificates for your specific shipment. Just talk to us about it.

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