Car boot Net for load securing

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PKW – Sicherungsnetz, 1.100 x 1.100 mm, knotenloses PP-hf.,
Materialstärke: 3 mm, Maschenweite: 45 mm, Netzfarbe: schwarz
incl. 4 fest angenähten Zurrgurten, mit Klemmschloss:
2x Länge: 0,55 mtr., 2x Länge: 1,00 mtr.
10 pcs. / pallet

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PKW Kofferraum Netz zur Ladungssicherung

delivery time 3-4 working days

PKW Kofferraum Netz zur Ladungssicherung × 10

package with 10 pcs.
delivery time 3-4 working days

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Suitable Accessories

Our DEKRA-certified LaSi network for car boots offers you maximum safety. With a mesh width of 45 mm and a format of 1,100 x 1,100 mm, almost all goods can be transported safely. Fastening is very easy for you, thanks to sewn-on clamp lock straps of different lengths. These are simply fixed to the existing lashing points of the car.


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