Red Line 3D – 1.450 x 900 x 560mm


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Red Line 3D – 1.450 x 900 x 560 mm – Stausack

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Suitable Accessories

[R] Red Line 3D dunnage bags with the dimensions 1.450 x 900 x 560mm have a cubic design. In contrast to conventional dunnage bags, which tend to attach themselves to the goods only in the middle section, you can reliably fill gaps from 300 mm to 800 mm with a 3D storage bag (for smaller gaps our recommendation: [R] Red Line). The [R] Red Line series serves two important customer requirements: a favorable price / performance ratio, as well as reliable security for the dispatch of goods, e.g. in BigBags, IBC, wooden boxes or barrels (video view into the Red Line test laboratory).

Matching: [R] filling technology. These are available in a wide variety of variants. These are available for filling with compressed air (e.g. quick filling gun with compressed air connection) or with a powerful (mobile) battery blower. The [R] battery blower has a powerful drive, powerful batteries and a quick charger. The special highlight: The safety at the loading ramp increases because no annoying compressed air hoses have to be observed. In addition, you save the operation of a compressed air system, which often entails high costs (also in maintenance). In our "Filling Technology" brochure you will find various adapter attachments, flexibly rotatable elements, 90 ° angle attachments and many other useful tools for everyday use on the ramp. Just talk to us about it.


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