Anti-slip mats – 2.500 x 200 x 10 mm – Rubber


Anti-slip mats made of rubber are a simple as well as effective means of increasing the coefficient of friction in load securement. Attached under the goods / pallet, the quality-tested materials reduce the number of lashing straps required and are also suitable for unprotected weather conditions. The PU-bonded rubber offers a coefficient of sliding friction of 0.6 µ to 0.9 µ (depending on the respective material pairing) and is temperature-resistant from -30 ° to 100 ° C.

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Hit the sale now! We clear our warehouse after inventory. [R] Anti-slip mats serve to increase the coefficient of friction when securing loads. The friction between two materials is defined as the coefficient of friction, e.g. between Euro pallet and truck loading area (e.g. rough / smooth). The use of anti-slip mats significantly increases the coefficient of friction and the goods do not slip as quickly. The forces to be secured according to the CTU Code are therefore significantly lower. The shipper also has to use less or cheaper load securement equipment. Thanks to the format of 2,500 x 200 x 10 mm, these are also ideally matched to Euro pallets.

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