White Lash Set - Belt strap cargo bagged - Belt buckle - Reel tensioner


White Lash Set - Belt strap cargo bagged - Belt buckle - Reel tensioner

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The [R] White Lash Set (strap 32 mm - 1 bag / 250 m; belt buckles OWB 3516 - 50 pieces; reel tensioner 40 mm - 1 piece) contains everything you need to put together a cost-effective load securement from individual components. You can get the straps as bagged goods and you can simply cut the length yourself (TIP: strap scissors). This allows you to reliably use one-way lashings e.g. in the container. The strap has been certified by TÜV Rheinland and thus offers maximum safety.

The included belt buckles [R] 3516 made of high-strength flat steel are optimally matched to the belt straps with a load capacity of up to 1,600 daN.

With the hep of the attached reel tightener, the lashing are easily tightened to the respective preload forces. In our Tutorial we show you how.

The [R] White Lash Set is assembled cost-efficiently and has a special price advantage. In addition, it complies with the CTU code and can be combined with any other load securement products.

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