Dunnage bag – Bag Red Line

Dunnage bag – Bag Red Line


(R) Red Line dunnage pads are the price-performance winners among our dunnage bags. Optimized materials, combined with a Level 1 strength and certification by the AAR round off the excellent properties to the product of choice.

Standard dunnage bags (R) Red Line are efficient and cheap at the same time. With level 1 certification and approval by the AAR, they are ideal for most loading situations.

Rothschenk dunnage bags of the Red Line series are used in existing stowage spaces to create a positive and non-positive connection between goods and also towards the container wall.

The idea behind the product "dunnage bag" is the force-fitting and form-fitting loading of goods of all kinds. Relatively stable units such as IBC or pallet goods are just as relevant as more flexible goods, e.g. soft packaging. In addition, there are often no or an insufficient number of lashing eyes in the container. With Rothschenk dunnage bags, you can significantly increase safety in just a few simple steps.

One of the biggest arguments for dunnage bags is the not inconsiderable time saving compared to conventional techniques, e.g. cladding with wood. The positioning and filling takes place via compressed air, either with a stationary connection, or via a mobile hand blower. A special feature of our Red Line series is the possibility of subsequently releasing air and correcting the dunnage bag again in the storage space.

Our Red Line standard dunnage bags are sufficient for the most applications. These include gaps up to 400 mm.

For larger gaps we recommend our Red Line 3D dunnage bags for gaps between 400 and 800 mm. Or you can use our flagship discipline: individually built solutions, built according to the specifications of our customers.

  • Fulfills the demands according to AAR guidelines in the USA
  • Resilient against mechanical damages
  • Moisture resistant
  • Environmentally-friendly, 100% recyclable
  • Easy & flexible at use
  • freely accessible valve position
  • rapid filling thanks to Rothschenk filling systems
  • available in all established standardized sizes


  • External bag
    • PP (Polypropylene) woven tape fabric, laminated
  • Internal Bag
    • PE (Polyethylene) foil
  • Valve
    • SMART
  • Filling:
    • with filling adapter (stationary connection or mobile battery blower)
  • Environmental advice: mutual disposal of PP and PE, fully recyclable, unproblematic in case of burning
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