Lashing straps - pressure ratchet

Lashing straps - pressure ratchet


Pressure ratchets are the established method to tighten lashing straps for fixing goods on the loading area. Our wide range contains different band widths, -lengths and tensile strengths.

Rothschenk pressure ratchets are the first choice when a fast and efficient load securement on the loading area is demanded. To tension a lashing strap, it is tightened with a ratchet.

Therefore, an established principle of tightening with a hand lever towards the loose end is utilized. With pulling away from the loose end, the employed item is a pull ratchet, which has its own advantages as well.

Top in price-to-performance, our pressure ratchets secure your goods in professional quality. As a manufacturer for load securement we have testing facilities, which enable us to define the quality of our goods in accordance to certain criterias.

With Rothschenk you can be assured to receive professional quality. Thereby we are fortifying our good reputation in the industry and won't deviate from this principles.

Make a lasting impression on your customers. With a print on your lashing strap you show the world that you take load securement seriously.

Furthermore, from now on you will recognize the lashing straps as yours and know about its quality. We are pleased to consult you and print your lashing the way you want it. Demand a non-binding offer now.

  • inexpensive load securement
  • high-quality
  • user-friendly
  • individually printable
  • different lengths and variations
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