Special Solutions - Canister Securement

Special Solutions - Canister Securement


Especially in the in-house factory traffic or in the delivery traffic canister security is used. Due to the special design, the system can be infinitely adjusted to the container size and the removal of individual canisters is also possible without any problems.

Canister Securements are used in internal transport or in short deliveries by merchants. Therefore, we developed a special system that flexibly bundles small units together, enables single removal as well as a rapid fixing on the euro-pallet.

Fix canisters and small units like cartonnages reliably and efficiently with our Canister Securement.

We can also adapt our lashing system to your individual requirements. Just mail us. We are pleased to support you with the optimization of your Load Securement.

  • Quick and easy to handle
  • removing single canisters is no problem
  • No unpacking of all canisters necessary on removal
  • multi-way system for constant reuse
  • ideally for factory transport and short-haul traffic

Material canister fuse:

  • Lashing
  • Pressure Ratchet
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