Stowage pad - Battery blower accessories

Stowage pad - Battery blower accessories

Product Description

Are you looking for professional filling technology? Then you've come to the right place. Because our cordless blowers are among the most powerful devices on the market. Both Rothschenk's own PAM cordless blower and the professional Milwaukee battery blower. Together with our various valve adapters and clever detail solutions (case system, 90° freewheel, flexible hose...) probably the best choice at the moment.

Rothschenk battery blowers offer enormous advantages for loading in containers. And without being tied to stationary compressed air systems or power lines, they have complete freedom when loading.

They also offer a high level of work safety, as tripping hazards caused by cables lying around are avoided. Our high-quality filling systems have powerful exchangeable batteries that ensure long use throughout the entire working day. In combination with the powerful blower motors, the airbags can be filled with the required internal pressures at any time.

By switching from stationary compressed air systems to mobile battery systems, many of our customers have already been able to achieve considerable savings for their company. Finally, we are happy to support our customers on the way to more sustainability in load securement.

With the practical shoulder belt, you always have your hands free for positioning your load securement, like dunnage bags and lashing systems.

Likewise, in combination with our quick release valve adapters , you always have another hand free for the correct positioning of the Dunnage Bags.

In addition to the professional Milwaukee battery blower, Rothschenk also offers a specially developed PAM cordless blower with a wide range of accessories.

Also, both systems are fully compatible with all our Rothschenk dunnage bag valves.

Both for the battery blower Milwaukee and for PAM, we offer them special economy sets with price advantages. In addition, we also guarantee a prompt and long-term supply of spare parts.

  • Maximum freedom,
  • powerful exchangeable batteries,
  • High performance engines,
  • practical detailed solutions,
  • comprehensive accessories,
  • and secured spare parts supply.
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