Product Description

Das Antirutsch-Papier ist ein spezielles Kraftpapier, welches mit einer reibwert-erhöhenden Beschichtung versehen wurde. Es dient beispielsweise als Lage zwischen Palette und Ware und verhindert ein Rutschen der Ladeeinheit in sich.

Every slipping of the load is the result of simple physical principles. Our Anti-Slip Paper, with slide-resistant, quality-tested materials, effectively counteracts these principles with an increased friction .

Due to the structure in the form of a cardboard, which is provided with a special rubber coating, it is a cost-effective but also very efficient product for Load Securement.

Rothschenk Anti-slip Paper is mainly used as a top or intermediate layer in the packaging of goods on the pallet. Positioned between the pallet and the goods, the coefficient of friction increases significantly.

This avoids the usage of additional load securement devices and the formation of reliable load units is significantly easier.

In practice, the measurements of our euro-pallets have been proven to have a sufficient format (1,200 x 800 mm und 1,200 x 1,000 mm). Should your loading situation on site need different measurements, we will find the best solution for it, too.

With a thickness of 4 mm, we have also made sure that our anti-slip paper is sufficiently sturdy and abrasion-proofed for the rough usage in containers.

  • Increased Friction
  • Slip-resistance material from laminated paper
  • The perfect coating and intermediate layer for pallet packaging
  • Environmentally-friendly, 100% recyclable

Material Antirutsch-Papier:

  • Carton with anti-slip lamination
  • Thickness: 0.4 mm
  • Temperature Resistance: -20°C bis 120°C
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