Barrel securing - reusable

Barrel securing - reusable

    Product Description

    It is a challenge to secure a round barrel. At least if you don't have the (R) barrel securement. This has been developed as a multiple-use system for example for the internal factory traffic and easily fixates a barrel on a pallet.

    To secure liquids in barrels is a special challenge on all transport routes. Because of their round shape, barrels are hard to grip and are tediously to handle.

    With our self-developed barrel securement, you built a safe loading unit out of one or two barrels and a euro-pallet both rapidly and easily. Rothschenk barrel securement is a multi-way system (also available as one-way version for polyester- / composite strapping tapes). The one-parted lashing strap has an easy handling and effortlessly reaches the needed tensional force.

    The application of our barrel securement is extremely simple. Watch our application videos. The barrel is directly strapped on the pallet by laying the polyester (PES) over the barrel and tightening it on both sides with help of a one-parted lashing strap. Opening the lashing and relashing it is a piece of cake.

    With help of the ingenious Rothschenk barrel-securement-multi-way-system, you can reliably fix up to two 200-liter liquid barrels on a euro-pallet. Especially for the factory traffic, for the in-house transport and companies with focus on sustainable transport industry, a multi-way solution is a great advantage.

    • multi-way system
    • sustainable
    • easy handling
    • Certificated as a loading units
    • CTU conform in the field of loading dangerous goods
    • To be attached by an end-user
    • pre-assembled


    • Polyester (PES)
    • diameter:
      • 600 mm
      • 540 mm
    • Capacity barrel:
      • 200 liter
      • 120 liter
    • kind of barrels:
      • Plastic-barrel
      • Steel-barrel
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