Edge protectors - cardboard milled

Edge protectors - cardboard milled

    Product Description

    You might know cardboard edge protections already. We offer a variation in our range, which can tightly hold cross belts in their respective heights, even if the goods are not under load.

    Cornered edge protections are used when sensitive corners need to be protected by lashing or the like. Therefore, cardboard, as a material, is both robust and inexpensive to accomplish this task.

    In the development of our products, we always try to improve a little. Consequently, we now offer you our established cornered edge protections with a special milling groove.

    Little change, major impact - this is how the innovative milling grooves on the edge protections could be described. In transit, the goods are always under enormous pressure. The lashings are strained and relieved again. To avoid that the lashings slip out of place due to the relief, they are attached through the milling grooves of the cardboard edge protections. This fixates the height and the lashings remain in their place. Easy - but genius.

    From the beginning, we from Rothschenk are willing to offer the best possible system for load securement to our customers. Sometimes, though, it is the customers who give us new ideas, present special challenges or confront us with situations, which don't have a solution yet.

    That's not the end of the road. Actually, it starts here, since Rothschenk can score with its specialty: being a problem solver for customers. We analyze your demand, design a concept and offer you an innovative solution.

    Contact us. We deal with it.

    • protects sensitive edges
    • environmentally-friendly, 100% recyclable
    • keeps lashings in their spot
    • many lengths / formats in store
    • affordable


    • cardboard
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