Lashing - Tool Battery Tensioner

Lashing - Tool Battery Tensioner

    Product Description

    Battery tensioner are the automatized variation to conventional reel tensioner. Due to the mobile battery you don't limit the handling but ease the tedious manual tightening.

    A battery tensioner eases work on the loading ramp enormously. Similar to a reel tightener in its functioning, the battery tightener is used to tighten a lashing after the threading into a buckle. The great advantage of the electronically driven tensioner is the automatic tightening.

    This saves the painstaking tightening with a conventional manual reel tightener. Especially when being used on a daily basis, the operator saves a lot of time and energy with a battery tensioner. The smart solution enables also a maximum of flexibility at the ramp.

    The function principle of a battery tensioner is fundamentally the same as the one of a manual reel tightener. The lashing is threaded and coiled around the shaft by its the rotation.

    A battery system facilitates the working process by its automatic rotation of the shaft. Moreover, working with a customary reel tightener is conventional and has a high degree of effort with bare hands.

    Our Battery Tensioner is equipped with a flexible battery replacement system. This enables you to work wirelessly. Additionally, you save a lot of exhausting lever movement of the conventional reel tighteners due to the strong engine.

    • effortless working, even over a longer period of time
    • efficient engine-/battery-unit
    • sturdy professional quality
    • metal tensioning device


    • high-quality battery power unit by Milwaukee
    • solid tensioning device in full metal version
    • powerful 4.0 Ah battery
    • Quick Charger
    • absolute professional quality
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