Lashing - Tool Hooks

Lashing - Tool Hooks

    Product Description

    Every load securement has a hook. But it should be the proper one. This is why we have a wide range of form and widths, aligned to your individual loading situation.

    Load securement has a hook. At least when you don't use a dunnage bag. We only use high-strength steel hooks for our restraint systems. This is necessary because every system is only as sturdy as the weakest component. That definitely shouldn't be the hook since it secures the connection to the container, trailers or other means of transportation.

    Don't run at risk with a lower quality and trust the established Rothschenk assortment. We offer wire hooks, flat hooks, pallet hooks, claw hooks, s-hooks, s-hooks, triangular hooks and swivel hooks...

    Since the requirements in load securement are diverse, the choice of hooks isn't limited. Therefore, the form significantly determines the stability and resilience of the hook. Also there are open constructions and additional latches which prevent the hook from accidentally slipping out of the eyelet.

    A further criteria is the width of the lashing. Only perfectly fitting width of hooks to the lashing can guarantee a reliable function of the load securement system. Otherwise, a turning or slipping of the lashing can be the result.

    • wide range
    • high-quality materials
    • various widths
    • optional with snap lock


    • Metal, various depending on the design
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