Truck Load Securement - Permanent Installation

Truck Load Securement - Permanent Installation

    Product Description

    (R) Permanent Installation can be made similarly in trucks and transporters. Whenever the loading situation regularly repeats, a permanent installation of dunnage bags makes sense. These are being automatically filled and deflated by their own compressed air system.

    On the image above, you see an example of the application of the permanent installations for a producer of car wheels. Since the same goods are transported every day, it is not necessary to rethink the load situation every time.

    The permanent installation is fitted on the exact demands of the customer once and is reused for many years. This also saves you the additional use of stowage materials, since the stowage pads are made from particularly sturdy materials.

    Instead of constantly repeating the same hand grips when loading the container, an automatized system is appropriate. The fixed implemented dunnage bags are centrally filled with its own pressure air system.

    The shipper just needs to load the goods and can start filling the bags. Everything else is covered by the Rothschenk system.

    With a permanent installation numerous points depend on the construction manufacturer and consulting an absolute must. But it is to realize with a box body truck, just like with a transporter.

    In both cases, we have made a lot of experiences and can support your project from the beginning until the end. What can we do for you?

    • exactly adopted on your vehicle
    • automatized filling and ventilation
    • great time saving
    • less load securement devices necessary
    • long-term usage
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