Truck load securement - parting wall locks

Truck load securement - parting wall locks

    Product Description

    Fast. Faster. Parting Wall Locks. This serves as a tie-bar transverse to the direction of travel that is detached and repositioned blazingly fast via lever technology. Ideal for short-haul traffic.

    Rothschenk Parting Wall Locks are a time saving solution for the delivery traffic. Positioned transverse to the direction of travel on the board wall and fixed with a quick lever lock.

    Consequently, they are rapidly detached and individually repositioned. This system is moreover attachable on the entire load area, enabling the operator a fast loading and unloading at the customer's location.

    Time is money. Especially for delivery services and the final mile to the customer. Our high-quality metal parting wall locks are the perfect solution for this problem.

    On the one hand, they are easy to handle, on the other hand, constructed sturdily, enabling a long-term usage. A real profit for your load securement.

    • high-quality metal version
    • telescopic length
    • quick lock
    • reliable load securement
    • easy and rapid handling

    Parting Wall Locks:

    •  tow-parted
    • with tensioning elements on both sides
    • adjustment range 2,290-2,520 mm
    • resilience: 1,000 daN
    • for board walls of 18-35 mm
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