Special Solutions - Pool Cushion

Special Solutions - Pool Cushion

Product Description

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Pool owners know the problem. In spring, the pool cover is difficult to remove, not to mention the dirt of the last few months. But with our (R) Pool Cushion/Air Pillow the cover is curved and thus prevents these annoyances.

Having your own pool is a big investment and also not always unproblematic in terms of maintenance. That is why we have developed a solution how to protect your pool in winter and keep your pool cover free from leaves and snow.

With an oversized Dunnage Bags under the pool cover that is precisely designed to fit your pool, the cover is stretched in an arc. This keeps out leaves, snow and other debris. Another positive effect is that a retrieval of the cover is much easier. Consequently, suction of the cover on the water surface does not take place. Also a sinking of the tarpaulin is avoided.

The application is remarkably easy. In fall, you fill the bag with our air blowers (battery or with electricity) or conventional pumps. Afterwards, the cover is fixed over it as is usual.

All you need to do in spring is to repeat the aforementioned steps in reversed order. Keep the dunnage bag dry until the next falls and store folded in minimum space.

... we only use one air pillow per pool. Competitors offer several small cushions here to fill the area of ​​the pool. This is neither cheaper nor particularly useful, as it creates "water pockets" between the individual cushions when it rains or snow. Reliable drainage of water, dirt (e.g. leaves or dust) is simply not possible with the multi-part solution.

With [R] pool cushions, the workload for you is significantly reduced, as only one cushion has to be filled. The function as pool protection is 100% at all times.

Due to our own production facility in Aub (Lower Franconia), we can manufacture pool pads of all formats and sizes (S, XL, XXL or XXXL) for you. Our Rothschenk pool cushion: Simply "Made in Germany".

  • protect and maintain the value of your pool
  • individually adjusted
  • simple application
  • space-saving storage
  • no "sinking in" of the pool cover
  • all sizes available


  • External bag
    • PP (Polypropylene) woven tape fabric, laminated
  • Internal Bag
    • PE (Polyethylene) foil
  • Valve
    • SMART or BIG
  • Filling:
    • with filling adapter (stationary connection or mobile battery blower)
  • Environmental advice: mutual disposal of PP and PE, fully recyclable, unproblematic in case of burning
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