Special Solutions - Rack Tarp

Special Solutions - Rack Tarp

    Product Description

    (R) Rack tarp is used in the production and the shipping of extruded profiles. This solution - optimized for fast application - prevents a slipping of single profiles during the delivery or the factory traffic.

    We developed special solution for the metal industry. Together with customers, we constructed a rack tarp, which reliably prevents the profiles from slipping during the transport.

    The application is particularly easy and due to the reusability, the rack tarp is perfect for the factory transport and adds to the sustainability of your company.

    Due to the easy but genius construction, the rack tarp is applicable problem free in the everyday loading. The sturdy materials moreover enable a long-term usage of the rack tarp.

    Firstly, the device is positioned on the rack and loaded with the profiles. After loading the tarp is pulled up and secured with the belt buckle.

    Rothschenk rack tarps are produced for your exact requirements. We produce quality “Made in Germany” at our German location - including our rack tarp.

    Beforehand, our sales representative analize the situation at your location and calculate your exact demand, adapt the rack tarps to your requirements and make you an individual offer. Take advantage of this special Rothschenk Service.

    • fast and easy application
    • inexpensive products for load securement
    • ideally for internal traffic
    • sustainable due to reusability
    • individually manufactured in accordance to the customer's requirements


    • external tissue
      • PP (Polypropylene) woven tape fabric, laminated
    • Lashing 25 mm
    • metal belt buckle
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