Special Solutions - Permanent Installation in trucks

Special Solutions - Permanent Installation in trucks

In einem Container werden Autoreifen mit zwei der Länge nach aufgehängten Luftkissen gesichert.
    Product Description

    (R) Truck Permanent Installation are a clever idea for repetitive loading situations. We developed this nearly full-automatized dunnage bag system together with well-known body makers.

    Rothschenk Truck Permanent Installations are both genius and easy to handle. A widget with dunnage bags is installed on the truck, which secures the goods with an automatized filling.

    The driver loads the vehicle as usual and just needs to activate the automatized filling. With it the dunnage bags are pumped up on both sides and reliably secure the load with an automated system.

    The dunnage bags are also deflated automatically to enable a rapid reloading of the truck.

    We cooperate with well-known body-building manufacturers for our permanent installations. We are pleased to analyze your exact demand and the technical viability of your project. Firstly, we plan and then implement everything for your future automatized loading process.

    • automatized load securement process
    • ideally for recurring loading schemes
    • onetime investment costs
    • high sustainability factor
    • immensely time saving for the loader


    • Dunnage Bags
    • permanent installed filling system on the truck
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