Special Solution - Siri

Special Solution - Siri

Product Description

Statt einzelne Staupolster für die Load Securement einzusetzen, hat Rothschenk diese zu einem Produkt in Form einer Saddle Bag kombiniert. (R) Pro Line SiRi löst das Problem von allseitigem Unterstand der Ware zur Europalette.

Rothschenk SIRI was developed to fill out a potential gap between the goods and euro-pallet. Without SIRI the unsecured goods would be slipping on the pallet, being exposed to the danger of being damaged.

Mit SIRI wird die Ware bei der Ladungssicherung allseitig von einem Dunnage Bags umschlossen und die Staulücken ausgefüllt. Die Befüllung erfolgt dabei für eine leichtere Anwendung von oben.

On the one hand, stabilizing load units is a challenge, but also an overriding requirement for proper load securement. We don't let you solve this problem on your own. Our SIRI Security Ring is the result of our daily pursuit of perfect fitting solutions for customer's problems.

We are pleased to adapt SIRI on your goods that need to be secured. Hereby, proper consulting is often the first step to a long-termed business relationship. Take the first step and we support you finding the perfect load securement.

SIRI Load Securement depends on the exact attachment on the to be transported goods. Consequently, we plan, concept and produce based on your requirements. Our own production in Germany guarantees both, the quality and the necessary knowledge.

Just ask for a non-binding offer and experience the full competence of load securement.

  • equalizes gaps on the pallet
  • easy and rapid handling
  • position of the valve freely selectable
  • individually adaptable to all sizes
  • constructing a safe loading unit


  • External bag
    • PP (Polypropylene) woven tape fabric, laminated
  • Internal Bag
    • PE (Polyethylene) foil
  • Valve
    • SMART or BIG
  • Filling:
    • with filling adapter (stational connection or mobile battery blower)
  • Environmental advice: mutual disposal of PP and PE, fully recyclable, unproblematic in case of burning
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