Special Solution - Speedchair

Special Solution - Speedchair

    Product Description

    (R) Speedchair adds really useful functions to the trend of pallet furniture. Water-resistant, cozy, small and easy to stow away and with a real coolness factor they are ideal for parties, festivals and events.

    The probably smartest seating furniture since the invention of the euro-pallet waits to be discovered by you. In combination with three euro-pallets and our air-filled covers you can create a comfortable lounge. Speedchair is ideal for garden parties, events and fairs. Due to the uncomplicated, rapid construction and the minimum space requirement when stowing until the next usage, it is absolutely flexible.

    The big special valve enables a rapid filling with the mobile battery blower or simply with the attached mouth piece. Due to its special construction, this seating furniture is perfect for outdoor usage. The innovative air chamber construction ensures that there is no annoying vacuuming of conventional materials such as foam.

    Comfortable pillows for euro-pallets, fishing chairs out of the trunk of a car, lounge furniture or as an eyecatcher on fairs and parties: our SpeedChair always cuts a fine figure.

    Three euro-pallets and our covers are an eyecatcher anywhere your build them up. Two pallets are on top of each other, the third is used backrest. The pallets are connected with high-quality ratchet straps. Afterwards, our trendy SpeedChair is simply positioned with sewed on hooks and filled with the attached mouth piece.

    Alternatively, we offer a 12/230-volt power blower or a mobile battery blower for professional usage.

    We can offer you any requested popular color. Just feel free to tell us your special wishes. As standard colors for our SpeedChair in stock, we've chosen a trendy combination of lime-green and black.

    Both colors are suitable for great events as well as for grill parties with neighbors or friends. Furthermore, they are easy to keep clean and UV-resistant. All our cloths have a sturdy design for the outdoor usage in common.

    • wide range of trendy colors
    • 100% water resistant
    • easy, fast construction
    • fillable with air per mouth piece or with a battery blower
    • can be put together to save space
    • comfortable and wide sitting surface
    • multiple possible application
    • Privat: garden furniture, fishing seat in the car trunk, lounge
    • Business: exhibitions, events, meetings


    • Set content:
      • seat cushion with 2x elastic bands 28mm
      • 2x pallet hooks
      • 2x ratchet belts
      • mouthpiece for filling the valve
      • optionally: electric power blower, 230 V or professional and mobile battery blower
    • external tissue
      • square meter polyester, cloth inside polyurethane/teflon laminated, water-resistant tissue
    • inliner:
      • PE Foil
    • high UV-stability of the external tissue, produced in accordance with PN-EN 71-3: 2013-07E
    • Format:
      • 1,350 x 1,500 mm for euro-pallets
    • valves:
      • SMART with mouth piece for filling
    • resilience:
      • Max. 250 kg
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