Special Solutions - Locking Pads

Special Solutions - Locking Pads

Product Description

Sealing a hole on the construction area? That takes just a second with our (R) Pro Line Locking Pads. Each shape and measurement is possible. Sturdy, absolutely leak-proof and, thanks to the multi-way outlet, reusable any time.

Individually manufactured Locking Pads by Rothschenks are the ideal solution when gaps, holes or nozzles need to be sealed temporarily.

Durch unsere eigene Fertigung in Deutschland, können wir diese in Größe und Durchmesser individuell auf Ihren Bedarf anpassen. Und durch die schnelle Befüllung und die Möglichkeit diese wieder abzulassen, können Öffnungen aller Art schnell und vor allem dicht verschlossen werden.

The application areas for locking pads are unlimited. One example is sealing gaps, wholes or nozzles in buildings or product processes in the industry. But also sealing assemblies would be the perfect solution when transporting big machines.

Always when a gap needs to be sealed quickly and reopened easily, Rothschenks locking pads are the correct choice. A removed roof window needs to be sealed? No fitting door is available? Our square dunnage bags or a cylindric locking pad is the solution for your problem.

Shape, size and diameter are limitless. Just tell us, what your problem is and together we find a solution.

  • individual manufactured format
  • rapid sealing of the gap
  • rapid deflating of the air
  • robust quality "Made in Germany"
  • an inexpensive solution
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