Dunnage Bag - Filling Equipment

Dunnage Bag - Filling Equipment

    Product Description

    Are you looking for professional filling equipment? You found it. Our battery blowers are one of the most efficient on the market. Together with our diversive valve adapters and clever solutions for every detail (case system, 90° free rolling, flexible hose...) possibly the best choice currently.

    Rothschenk Battery Blowers provide significant benefits when loading the container. Not being bound by stational air pressure system or power supply lines you have the complete freedom at the loading.

    Furthermore, they provide a high degree of working safety because stumbling blocks, like power lines on the ground, are avoided. Our high-quality exchangeable batteries, which guarantee a long-lasting application all day. In combination with the powerful blower engine, a filling of the dunnage bags with the required internal pressure is always possible.

    Due to switching from stational air pressure- to mobile battery systems, numerous of our customers could already achieve significant savings for their company. With portable battery blowers, we are pleased to support our clients with a sustainable load securement.

    With the practical shoulder belt, you always have your hands free for positioning your load securement, like dunnage bags and lashing systems.

    In combination with our quick-release connector with valve adapters, you one hand free constantly for the proper positioning of the dunnage bags.

    Additionally, to the professional Milwaukee Battery Blowers, Rothschenk offers a self-developed PAM battery blower with a wide range of extra-tools.

    Both systems are compatible with all Rothschenk valves for our dunnage bags. We offer you special money-saving sets with price advantage for our Battery Blowers and guarantee you a both, rapid and long-term supply of replacement parts.

    • maximum freedom
    • powerful exchangeable batteries
    • high-performance engines
    • practical solutions for every detail
    • wide range of supplies
    • safe provision with replacement parts
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