Lashing – Full Safety tarp

Lashing – Full Safety tarp

    Product Description

    Shipping small goods in containers without the load dropping out when opening the door? Our Full Safety tarp fulfills the function of a restraint system like for example for single cardboard boxes.

    Rothschenk Lashing Full Safety is our all-over restraint system for the use in containers. With it sensitive and small packages can be held back from the door. It is available as restraint system with integrated air bags (or integrated tarp) and different belt strength.

    Full safety with air bags is mounted after the loading of the container as the completion of the loading process. The cross belt in combination with a filled air bag reliably keeps even small packages away from the container door.

    Furthermore, the employees at the destination are also safe, because the full safety is an additional restraining system for falling packages when opening the container door.

    You can purchase Full Safety with air bags in two common sizes (1.500 x 2.400 und 2.000 x 2.300 mm). Since Full Safety is produced at Rothschenk in Germany, we can always accommodate your individual wishes.

    Variations in types of valves and positions, lashing strap thickness or size of the cushions are no problem for us as a manufacturer. How can we help you?

    • ideal for sensitive and small packagings, which can't be
      secured alternatively
    • certificated lashing in various strengths
    • Packaging units are securely withheld from the container door.
    • available in standard sizes and as individual manufacturing

    Technical Data:

    • material: robust PP-woven bands
    including air cushions
    including SMART valve in the tarp
    • including sewed on Lashing Web

    • Lashing 32 mm
      • Measurements Dunnage Bag: 1,500 x 2,400 mm
      • Material number 22367 I packaging unit 125 pcs. per pallet
    • Lashing 50 mm
      • Measurements Dunnage Bag: 2,000 x 2,300 mm
      • Material number 23267 I packaging unit 125 pcs. per pallet

    Filling of air cushion

    • Filling adapter SMART valve
      • for fast filling gun
      • for standard compressed air connection
      • item number 21896
    • Filling adapter SMART valve
      • 700mm hose
      • including manual blower with 2 battery packs, 1 chargers, 1 shoulder strap
      • item number 21941
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