Paper Honeycomb Core Board

Paper Honeycomb Core Board

Product Description

[R] corner edge protection paper honeycomb panels are used as composite layer, stacking aid or protection between the goods and ship's side. Made of a cardboard honeycomb construction, they are both light and robust. Application of honeycomb panels Our [R] paper honeycomb panels are a stable and resilient intermediate layer for load securement. Light honeycomb cardboards stable and separate heavy products when loading [...]

Our (R) Honeycomb Paper Panels are a stable and resistant intermediate layer for your load securement. The light honeycomb carton is perfect for stabilizing heavy products or separating them from each other while storing or transporting.

Everybody knows this principle from nature, which gives the stability to the honeycomb panels. From a six-cornered structure, adopted from bee's honeycombs, results a maximum tightness at lowest weight on the same time.

Honeycomb panels can be understood as an alternative to the often used chipboards. Besides being sufficient for most of the demanded strength values, the significant weight saving is an additional argument for using honeycombs panels for your load securement.

The applications are diverse. Whether as an abrasion protection for the container wall / door or as a vertical divider, horizontal stabilizer when stacking pallets - the possibilities are numerous. That counts for both, storing and transporting.

Rothschenk does not only stand for high-quality and best consulting. An additional strength is our product diversity. Our Honeycomb panels are no exception.

We offer standard thicknesses of 20/70/150 mm with cell widths of 10/22/25 mm. When it comes to the shapes, we are initially guided by the dimensions of the Euro pallets. We can offer you the delivery from a quantity of 1 pallet.

Typically for Rothschenk, we can offer you individual solutions, too. Just feel free to contact us and be surprised by our innovational strength.

  • high strength value
  • low dead weight
  • Environmentally-friendly, 100% recyclable
  • Easy & flexible at use
  • re-usable
  • ideal alternative to chipboards


  • cardboard

Standard strengths:

  • 20/70/150 mm


  • 10/22/25 mm

Pressure Resistance

  • 150 kpa – 800 kpa
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